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Free Pilates classes in Skellefteå (Sara Kulturhus)

My vegan catering services 

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Pilates Classes

Hi, I'm so happy, that you are here and want to join my Pilates classes.

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Live and interactive

Get instant feedback and adaptations, and enjoy a different workout each week.

Small, friendly classes

Feel part of a group, stay motivated and get the attention you need.

Slow and mindful movement

Calm your mind while building strength and flexibility.

Food recipe

Popular Recipes

Check my Pilates courses

When you consciously move your muscles during your practice, you reach a strong mind-body connection, also through mindful breathing. Instead of a sweaty and fatigued effort, exercise becomes focused and safe. At your own pace. You will improve your strength, flexibility, alignment, balance and posture. Feel stronger but in harmony.

Pilates and Plant based recipes 

Hi, I'm Olivia

I started caring about my health when I was about 16 years old. (I was diagnosed with psoriasis at my age of 9. They said there is no cure). I was lucky, because after many years a doctor started recommending natural methods to me. I was open for anything, because I felt really bed about my skin and this has grown into a great experience over the years. I learned to take care of myself (my skin) and take care of my health on a daily basis, because I want to keep it for a long time. I’m focusing on three main areas: Eat well, exercise and take care of your mental health. Pilates and plant based food are my keys to a healthy life, but I would like to show that everyone can find their keys, even if it is different from mine. I believe that I can do something for my health every day. This is just series of habits. BUT, I’m not perfect. I’m always looking for a balance, because it is something which easy to lose, but we can find it again and again. Through my Pilates experiences I would like to show you how to take care of your body easily. I learned that only with a 10 minutes daily stretching I can do a lot for my well-being and making my body more flexible. I also would like to show you that the plant-based diet can absolutely be 100% natural, homemade, if we want to. This is what ON-pilates is all about, where you can join one of my Pilates courses and you can find delicious recipes and lifestyle tips. I’m so happy that you’ve chosen to be here and look forward to welcoming you into my world.

With Love, 


Im happy that you are here. On this site you can find informations about  whole food plant based recipes and if you wish join one of my Pilates courses. Let's develop together!

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